Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Next Chapter

Apparently life has taken on a different flow that doesn't seem as conducive to writing regular blog posts. Can't put my finger on it, just guess it's a new chapter. This is not to say that posts will not keep coming. It just unintentionally seems as though they are much fewer and farther apart. (Of course - now that I recognize this - they'll be fast and furious I'm sure!)

What's new with the Marsh family?

*We have all had a nasty flu (except Hannah - please pray for protection so she avoids it . . . it's nasty!) I think I pulled every muscle in my back. TMI? Sorry - it was bad!

*We're practicing/preparing for the school Variety Show. This year both our little bugs are going to take part. Hannah will be playing the piano (she is getting amazingly good! It's so fun to listen to her practice now that we're on to actual incredible songs! - no offense to "Hot Cross Buns" of yesteryear!) and Haley is dancing to Toby Mac's "Me without You" with her best friend Lily. We went on Saturday to pick out some matching outfits - they are going to be blasted adorable! It's been so fun to meet with all the kiddos during lunch recess and revel in just how talented little ones can be!

*Travis is almost done coaching 8th grade girls basketball. He loves to coach and we love to cheer him on but now that he's limited four seasons down to two, we really look forward to his off seasons when we really get to enjoy tons of family time.

*We continue to get more involved at our church. We are so blessed to have found a true family in our church body. The kids adore going to Champs on Wednesday nights (a kids bible school of sorts), I'm enjoying help plan the upcoming May Women's retreat, and Travis has really formed a friendship with our pastor - a hilarious guy who is so much like Travis . . . crazy really!

*The kids have an upcoming "Grandparents Weekend" at the Marsh's. They are so excited - and so are we! The possibilities are endless. Do we go out? Or do we rent movies and stay in? Or do we do both? Can't go wrong either way.

*Mom is back to Zumba!! Thanks to the encouragement of some good friends, I attended a class (after an almost four year hiatus because of health. I couldn't make it through the first class without breaking down emotionally. It is truly a miracle where I am at now . . . and the fact that I participated in an hour long Zumba class successfully - lots of praise and thankfulness filled my heart. Now, at least twice a week, I attend an hour long Zumba class and a half hour long boot camp (kicking my booty but I feel so strong!!) I'm also walking to and from the girls school at least three times a week which is two miles round trip. I am feeling great and having lots of fun in the process!

Life is good. Realistically full of ups and downs. Bills aren't always fun (ok - are they ever fun?), parenting isn't always fun, cleaning the house is definitely not always fun . . . but we are blessed and if we keep in perspective that each day is a gift, then even the not very fun things are good . . . because they're ours.