Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who in their Right Mind?!

This was the question I was asking myself as I took five neighborhood kids to Les Schwab today for a new battery . . .

This was not my initial plan for the afternoon . . . I saw myself watching the kids ride their bikes in the sun with a smile on my face . . .

Instead, our van decided to make a crazy sound and not start - this brought me to call AAA (which my dad started buying me when I moved out and has kept up for me ever since - thanks dad!!) which I just got the new card on Monday (ironic - I don't think so . . .)

Anyway, the call brought out a very kind tow truck driver who hooked up his special battery charge box and jumped the van - it worked! YEAH! So I turned off the van (apparently, you're not supposed to do this . . . some of you are probably laughing at this point as you already know this fact?!) . . . I waved the tow truck guy back as I realized it didn't start again to which he said (in a VERY firm voice) "You can't turn it off?! You need to leave it on and drive to get new battery?!" Okay - you didn't say this at first and I don't know these things . . . I am not a mechanic or all that car savvy . . .

So this is where we get back to my initial question . . . I have no choice but to quickly check with their parents and load them in the still-running van . . . and head to Les Schwab . . .

Battery selection is pretty straight forward - you tell the nice employee what's wrong and they do the rest . . .
During this process, you have the privilege of dining on their fine free popcorn - a HUGE blessing when you have five hungry kids stuck in a tire/mechanic store . . .

And yet, there are inherent flaws in the plans when you watch the five kids taking turns accidentally spilling the free popcorn on the "tire/mechanic/not-the-most-clean-floor store" at which point I take a picture for this blog then rush them all into the bathroom for a complete surgery ready hand washing . . .

And although it was insane and not my idea of a fun afternoon, the kids were sooo good, our van got fixed and we all got the giggles about "the great tire store adventure" - sure to be the next great children't book . . .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Kids have a lot of it - grown ups don't . . . how do we meet in the middle?

I'm confused by the bedtime routines in our house . . . when it's time for me to go to bed, I brush my teeth, put on my pjs and crash . . . for the girls, the word bedtime means run around as crazy as possible avoiding their beds and rooms and anything remotely connected to the actual task at hand. . .

If only we could bottle up the extra energy they find somehow with trigger words?!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gardening Glory

We finally got to planting our garden - yes, I said garden. A few years ago, I tried to grow herbs and ended up with a very well tended weed garden . . . an embarrassment to all gardeners world wide. This year, a friend helped me grow starts in the house to transplant outside . . . (and no - these photos are not really us - we were so messy and engrossed in our project, real photos were not part of the process - forgive the clip art . . . )

So part of our process was transplanting our starts, planting the extra seeds just for fun, starting a window box that won't rot like our previous attempts (this one is made out of rod iron), an indoor herb garden with cilantro, spinach and chives, and a topsy turvey attempt with tomatoes and strawberries . . . we also had a few flowers we bought on sale to fill a few pots we already had.

This year, we added a few garden gnomes bought on sale at Michaels along with new garden gloves and garden shoes . . . it was so much fun to be outside working in the dirt . . . and the girls were definitely ready to throw in the shower when we were finished . . .
It's not the biggest garden or most organized or best tended (we forget all the time and don't exactly know what in the world we're doing) but it was planted in love and I have high hopes of some produce for our efforts!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my "talents"

I was watching "Tinker Bell" with my kiddos this afternoon (one of my favorite kids movies) and was reminded to embrace my talents (and in the movie she tries hard to be so many things she's not to discover how much success she can have when she is herself) . . . because of all the medical bills, I've decided to put my talents to use in a practical way - I like to crochet - and have come up with some unique designs that have been complimented on recently . . . in the past I've made these items pictured below for gifts but why not make them now for profit?! What do I have to lose? Why not me? So . . . don't feel pressured - this blog WILL NOT turn into a selling website - I'm only going to show them this once - but if you're interested (or have a friend or family member who is interested . . .) email me what product and color choice and you will have your item handed or shipped to you in 7-10 day . . . email me at Your total order will have a $3-10 shipping cost added on size of items if they are being shipped but tax is free (and yes - best friend's husband who works for the IRS - I will claim this on my taxes if it qualifies as a business come tax season next year!!)

TAGGY BALL - I made this one pictured above medium size for my nephew for his first birthday and can't wrestle it out of my kids hands (ages 6 and 4) - they are loving climbing and throwing and sitting and laying on it - small(one pillow form) $15
medium(two pillow forms) $25
jumbo(three pillow forms) $35

These sweet little ballet skirts can be made in any size from newborn to adult . . . I can make them in any color and they look CUTE on kids - from bitty to big . . .
newborn/baby - $20
toddler/kid - $30

And last but not least - these are tote bags . . . Hannah owns the reddish/pinkish one and has used it as a backpack ever since she received it . . . and has three of her friends wanting them for birthday gifts . . . they are sturdy yet sweet . . . and have a really cute ribbon bow at the top allowing for the ability to cinch if so desired . . .
tote bag $15
Okay - that's it . . . some random talents of myself that may or may not excite you and anyone you know for purchase . . . and if not, at least enjoy the eBay like motivation I got from a kids movie . . .

Monday, April 19, 2010


Just wanted to throw this out as it's so fresh in my mind - parenting is really hard . . . and sometimes I don't do a very good job of it . . . and sometimes I want to sell the children God has given to me . . . the ones I am so thankful for on some days . . . and the same ones I want to torture other days . . .

Maybe I'm the only one to think so . . . but something tells me I'm not . . . and something tells me it's okay not to feel like I do a great job every day . . . and it's okay to feel like my kids are not wonderful everyday . .

And yet, I marvel that our heavenly father never wavers in His love and patience for us - no matter how many mistakes I make . . . and although I should come to some deep spiritual conclusion in all of this, mostly I just feel so glad I'm not God and have to deal with an endless supply of children to be annoyed by . . .

Book Review

I have been sooo slow on reading lately as my brain is still mushy from all the medicine the last couple months but finally have one finished to review . . . it is on loan from my sister and I saw the movie first ( a definite no no) . . . I'm usually a 100% book before movie girl but in this case, it just happened that way.

The book is called "The Notebook" and written by Nicolas Sparks . . .

The movie was sweet and brought many tears but the book . . . wow - what a love story and reminder of our marriage vows - "in sickness and health" . . . our marriage has currently been tested in this area as well. It's not fun . . . and it's not easy . . . but, by the grace of God, when you have a commitment to each other - no matter what you're going through - then you can find joy in the muck and your love for each other only grows past expectation . . .

This book is tender and sweet and strong and has a message for each of us - true love doesn't look like Hollywood or a romance novel would lead you to believe . . .

As far as the writing style, Nicolas Sparks has not been my favorite in the past - I've found him to be to much on the fluffy side . . . this one, however, I really enjoyed. My favorite of his written is actually a true story and called "Three Weeks With My Brother" and I'd definitely recommend you read that one! Happy reading!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

flowers AND friends

Soo . . . today was a wonderful Saturday filled with family memories but different memories . . . I spent the morning with a bunch of fabulous MOPS leadership team ladies (20 of the 28 current and upcoming) . . . we were entertained, encouraged and challenged by simulcast from Denver - over 3000 moms were participating all over the country . . . wow!!!

And while my leadership tank was getting filled, Travis, Grandma Marilyn and the girls were enjoying God's beauty at the Tulip fields . . . enjoy some of the photos Travis took with his big fancy camera purchased in Nana's memory to capture family memories . . .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Medicine


Medically, I have been through the ringer lately . . . with an asthmatic flareup, I earned myself one trip to the ER, two stints in the hospital and more appointments and medicine than I can count . . . some doctors are mediocre - meaning it's hard to make an appointment with them and hard to get your questions answered and difficult to feel a part of your own medical process.
This is not the case with Carolyn Freed at the Grove Street Clinic . . . she is a nurse practitioner and is able to serve as a primary care doctor which she has been for the entire Marsh family for the last three years . . . I have always appreciated her and always thought she's wonderful but recently have found her one-of-a-kind. She is incredible with our girls and allows them to be a big part of their own bodies when she does check ups by telling them what she is doing is why . . . she's gotten my hubby (who doesn't much like going to the doctor) to go to the doctor when needed . . . and she has given me power and dignity and grace during this very difficult time medically - I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone.
She, as a nurse practitioner, is able to preform 99.9% that which a doctor can preform (shots, checkups, wart removals etc) but is not afraid of her limits and knows when and where to send you to a specialist when needed . . .
I personally appreciate the depth of education I receive every time I go there - she will keep you for an appointment as long as needed and you leave knowing what medicine you're going to take and why or if you need a follow up and where and when that will happen. The nursing assistants are fabulous and even the scheduling/billing person is kind.
Her office is located out of an old house and feels exactly that - homey . . . complete with a fire place!! She has "walk in" capabilities but you're sure to get great care by making an appointment . . . I love this office - appreciate this staff and totally recommend this office!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Fools . . . a little late

This morning I had the rare opportunity to return a favor to my sweet and fabulous neighbor Mandi who helps me out constantly. She needed childcare for her older daughter for about half an hour - this included breakfast so I put on my Martha Stewart hat and pulled out the "fancy mix" from the pantry (notice the "real nut and bananas" - that means special right?!)

Anyway, I poured the powered mix into a bowl and felt very home-maker-ish . . I read the back for the last minute directions and a short list including oil and water and two eggs. Everything was planned for the perfect mom morning (and we know what God likes to do when WE try to plan instead of letting Him) and to my great surprise -when I tried to crack the eggs, they were hard boiled and no one had bothered to tell me . . .

Nice - muffins for the little ones not gonna happen - luckily I had freezer strudel with apple pie filling with frosting topper - the kids could have cared less and I got over my disappointed expectations . . it got really funny and also a great bloggedty blog tale!!

PS - Travis - if you read this before you get home, we need eggs!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So many a friend know that I'm in "recovery" from my recent bought with asthma and steroids for asthma - a necessary-at-the-time-but-proven-to-be-horrible-combination . . . and are recommending and loaning books and movies . . . I'm ridiculously slow at reading right now (a total rarity for me?!) but have been flying though the movies . . . on Monday night I fell asleep at 8:30pm . . . last night, Tuesday, however, I was awake for a little longer and thought I'd try Medea's Family Reunion - a movie lent to me by a dear neighbor/MOPS/walking friend who said "Can't believe you haven't seen this! You've got to watch it." Now mind you this woman (Christine) is also somewhat of a movie expert as she hosts well attended monthly movie nights for her girlfriends and does a very good job picking fun for all films . . . so I was excited . .

And then I watched it . . . and I couldn't believe how emotional it was!! I loved the Medea character and wished we'd all parent a little more like her (we'd sure see more respect in our Chiclets) but was surprised by the depth of life in all the rest of the characters - from strong physical abuse to single parenting, this movie touched on it all . . . and not in a simple Hollywood way - but with depth and shocking reality . . . so overall, I was surprised . . . it was not what I was expecting and I'm not sure I'd seek out more of the same - it was totally worth the watch and had LOTS of discussion topics but not a carefree laid back film . . .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spa Sisters

My sweet baby sister is getting married - okay - maybe you're not allowed to call them your "baby" sister when you're only three years apart but I love her to pieces and am so excited to be a part of the next step in her journey . . . and the next step brought us to Gene Juarez salon and spa in downtown Seattle for a day of pampering and feeling like princesses!!

We were greeted with friendly faces, cozy robes to put on and lots of water features - this is just one and the photo does it no justice - just glancing at this picture takes me back to the joy of our day!! We changed into robes and were lead to the "relaxation room" where a sweet spa employee had prepared us feet soak bowls and offered us water with lemon or tea.

From the relaxation room, we were called to each of our spa treatments separately and to say we didn't feel like royalty would be a lie - sometimes we'd pass in the hallway between treatments and sometimes we'd go it alone but if you can dream it, we had it today - from facials (obviously a seaweed product?!) to spa pedicures that lasted over an hour in a huge comfy recliner chair to manicures and hot stones massages - we lived it up - she's only getting married once and I only get to be the maid of honor once so we had a blast.

Halfway through the treatments, we were reunited for a spa luncheon (we both ordered the cobb salad with raspberry iced tea and herb bread to go with us) - we had so much fun re-hashing the morning and enjoying the season of life we were both in.
We ended the day upstairs in the salon portion - Melissa got a bridal makeover complete with hair style and makeup application and I got a hair dye (not out of the box this time!!!) and a hair cut for the summer - we were both very pleased with the results and so relaxed we forgot to take after pixs . . . oh well - I don't think we'll be forgetting this day anytime soon - and although we're not in budgets that allow this treatment every month, it was so heavenly to pretend for 12 hours and soooo nice to bless my sister with a day to feel like the princess she is and queenly wife she's about to become - love ya Melissa!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two More Movies

I'm realizing a big part of my recovery is watching movies . . . I try to read books - and am in the middle of quite a few - but my head is in a blender and my body is in recovery so all I can wrap my head around right now is movies. My wonderful in-laws recognized our need for a date night so they watched the girls for us while we headed to Alice in Wonderland in 3-D.

I think the 3-D was incredible!! I couldn't believe my eyes watching what took place in front of me - it had a good mix of fear and whimsy and silly that it was a great ride. If it were me, I'd not take my kids to see this film until the the ages of 11 or 12 depending on the maturity. (The monsters are scary and made me jump!!)
Tonight (Sunday) we watched "Have you heard about the Morgans." It starred Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker and felt as though it'd be a fun, chick flick.

There were some very fun moments but overall, was a little slow. Lots of the jokes revolved around a small town which I found funny having come from a small town but don't expect to be completely impressed . . . I could be wrong . . . but of course, I never am!?!?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Bounty Hunter . . .

The last few weeks have been SOOO full of chaos and adventure and drama that I don't know where to start back into the world of blogging . . . I've decided to move forward . . . today, I was supposed to have an appointment with Dr. McBride at the Everett Clinic. In the past, he has had a loooong wait period but totally worth it because once you got to see him, he'd answer every question you had and then some. Today, my good friend Carrie came with me (ok - drive me because I'm on to many drugs) and we went to the check in desk. They had no record what so ever of an appointment. I explained to them that we'd driven all the way to Arlington and I'd just gotten out of the hospital - I told them that this appointment was very important to me . . . to no avail . . . no appointment but I was welcome to come back on Friday morning if I was interested . . . of course I was interested as I was expecting to see him now. I asked for a complaint card I could fill out and send in as I was very disappointed with the care I didn't receive and attitude with which I didn't receive it and we left. My frustrated meter was at a 8 out of 10 and one of my doctors orders was to keep the stress level low . . .

We were faced with a myriad of choices - we could go shopping (always fun) or go home and be grumpy (didn't seem very productive) or go see a movie . . . we chose the movie as we both could use the distraction and laughter. We had no idea which movie we might see but were determined to find something.

The young girl at the counter (when asked between The Bounty Hunter and The Last Song) said we should go to the Bounty Hunter as it was funnier and a good time . . . we needed funny so away we purchased our tickets and popcorn.

I don't want to be a spoiler in case you haven't seen it and plan to but know it's a combo of Jennifer Aniston, golf carts, police officers, fun dance songs, Gerard Butler, laughing, and great lines . . . my favorite of which was said by Jennifer's character,"Life is about making mistakes; death is about wishing you'd make some more."
Some of it was predictable but definitely had enough manliness to make a good date move - not chicky . . . .
Out of 5 stars, I'd give it a 4 - I'd even see it again in the theater before it left - a fun time . . .and definitely adult (not for the under 16/18 in my opinion as it had some adult language, a bit of violence, and some language - none to offensive for the adult viewer but that's just my opinion.)