Monday, October 29, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Life has picked up full speed. Fall is here, the leaves are changing and the Marsh family is living the mini-van dream. From piano lessons to soccer practice, kids church night and other events, the time seems to fly. In the middle of the flying time though, we still seem to find time to laugh and love and make some memories along the way.

The Harvest Festival at school as a great success. The planning and organizing of the event took a big chunk of time but I'm loving being a part of the PTSA and in the mix at the girl's school.

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Haley and her little friend Lily has some fun dinking around with wax mustaches. Do you remeber those things from when we were kids? There's a little ledge you put inside your mouth and bite to keep it in place. You can technically "eat it" but what in the world is it made of? (Wow I sound old.)

We carved pumpkins tonight and made toasted pumpkin seeds. I'd have more pictures but my hands got slimy. The re-cap - Dad's old shirts, big mess, lots of seeds, more mess, hands and clothes covered with lots and lots of messes ending up with nice looking pumpkins and a giant mess!! 

The girls are looking forward to Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood. Haley is dressing up as a ballerina and Hannah is dressing up as Taylor Swift. Pictures I promise.

As I hear the washer and dryer running and smell inner pumpkins in my home, I smile a sleepy smile and say a quick prayer of thanks for our busy but full lives. God is good.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sons of Jude

Review for the Sons of Jude!
 Brandt Dodson has begun a good crime series based in Chicago.  I really enjoyed his detail of the Chicago area and ability to paint a strong picture.  I thought the character development was slow in the beginning, but I came to buy-in by the middle of the book.  It had some good twists and solid page-turning parts.  Overall, I would recommend this book to those who enjoy crime/mystery/thriller. Guest Blogger and avid mystery reader: Travis Marsh

To enter to win a free copy of this exciting book, sign your name in the comments section and the winner will be notified.

Monday, October 8, 2012


This is officially the 300th post of "The Years are Short."

It's hard to believe that this fun adventure of sharing life experiences has accumulated up to 300 posts. I have delayed writing this entry as it felt so monumental. I was racking my brains for some clever witty rambles or some super great give away or some mind blowing revelations. The mounting pressure was a bit unnecessary. What I eventually realized, the true intent of this blog was to share with our friends, our family and document for ourselves what life is like here at the Marsh household. The name was inspired from a wise MOPS speaker who years ago said, "In the midst of parenting, the days are long. Dishes, laundry, wiping noses, cooking, cleaning - it never ends and drags out forever. When you look back, however, the YEARS ARE SHORT."

The first entry, December 2010, I had a busy 4 year old and a new kindergartener. Now, I have a reading, writing, growing almost 7 year old and a mature and ever amazing almost 9 1/2 year old. Sometimes, the days were very long. (and if I'm honest, sometimes they still are) by my, the years are short.

So, instead of an overly planned, extremely witty, bells and whistles 300th post, I'll pretend like it's another day in the life of the Marsh family.

Saturday - Haley had soccer pictures and played her second game. We don't care if the kids win or score a million points. We care if they are good sports, good teammates and play the best they can. (Haley did get the last assist of the game resulting in a goal however, if anyone at home is counting?!) After the big kid game, one of our favorite little buddies played his first game in history. It was pretty fantastic.

After soccer, we met Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Bonnie, cousins Juniper and Moses and went to THE FARM; one of the best ever fall experiences around. We watched a pig show, a duck race, pet baby kitties, rode a tractor, picked honey-crisp apples, ate fresh corn on the cob, picked pumpkins and had a great day in the sun as a family.

Sunday - Had a great church service about the Sabbath - literally means STOP and REST. Our true rest is only found in Jesus. This will be my focus for the week. It was also my favorite little sister's birthday. I won't disclose Missy's age yet . . . let's just say she's crouching in on 30! She's been one of my favorite people in the world since she was born. I wish we lived closer and could spend more time together but texting and Elf quotes will have to do for now. Thanks for the way you make me laugh and the way you have always loved on your nieces.

Monday - Today. I spent a long time in the PTSA rooms cleaning and organizing areas that haven't been touched in many years. It was so rewarding to take crazy closets, drawers and areas and turn them into usable storage with easy to find systems. (plus throwing tons of stuff away in the garbage made me pretty happy too.)

This afternoon the piano that Marilyn has had since she started playing at age five got delivered to our house.

It will get hours upon hours of love. And the sentimental quality is to much. Gerry's mom (granny oregon) created her own needle point design for the piano bench from a piece of music that Grandpa Gerry wrote. Incredible.

So that concludes post number 300. Maybe you've read all 300 (or if not, you should go back through the archives and start at the beginning!!) And, although I abandoned the idea of a drum roll and major revelation, I decided that I must do a give-a-way in gratitude for following our family, posting lots of fun and meaningful comments, and helping to remind us in the middle of the long days, the years truly are quite short.

Enter you name (and maybe add your favorite Marsh family adventure?) in the comments section and you will be entered to win your own "Honey" journal; a place to write notes and encouragements and memories to your honey.