Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Saturday In October . . .

I cannot believe it's almost November. I remember as a kid hearing adults saying, "Where did the time go? Time flies. It feels like each year gets faster." And I passed it all off as one more crazy thing adults say. Now I'm that adult . . . and I'm baffled at how quickly the time flies and can't seem to figure out where the time went and definitely know that each year gets faster.

The weather has been changing along with the leaves here. Much colder in the mornings . . . can see our breath . . . and Hannah has insisted on wearing gloves, scarf and hat each day. I love fall. I love all the holidays and family time and special events but most of all love wearing cozy sweats, drinking a cup of coffee (with peppermint mocha creamer in it!!) and reading a book. It's a little slice of heaven I think.

The kids are excited about their costumes this year . . .

Haley is obviously a pumpkin and Hannah is an Indian Princess (she's very fascinated with other cultures of the world).

As a family, we've decided years ago to celebrate and enjoy the fun part of Halloween - not the scary part. I know for some people it's hard to separate the two . . . and I respect each family's decision about how to participate or not . . . but today, on one of my favorite blogs to read (, was one of the best explanations of why, for their family, they can still love Jesus and have fun on October 31st . . .

"I know Halloween can be controversial.  We've always felt freedom in Christ to redeem this day.  We fill it up with friends, creativity, light, laughter, fun, food, and fellowship.  We pray those things are honoring to God and bless Him on this day that thankfully still belongs to Him. I pray you have a sweet weekend celebrating (or not celebrating), but still rejoicing that Christ purchased freedom for each of us to live out our convictions, to go to the Bible, and with wisdom and discernment make God-honoring decisions for our families.  Ah.  Freedom.  It's one of my favorite things about following Christ."

I only wish I would have written those eloquent few sentences. As the bible says, "This is the day the Lord has made . . . I will rejoice and be glad in it." And that stands for everyday . . . so, we are choosing to dress up, drink some apple cider, knock on the doors of some of our family and friends and indulge in a day of childish, silly, over sugared fun!!

Pumpkin Patch

I was privileged to chaperone a field trip to the pumpkin patch with Haley's kindergarten class. A classmate named Haley joined our team . . . Haley, Haley and I had a great time.

Thanks Haley for letting me be a part of your class for a few hours. And thanks Kiwanis for a great pumpkin patch in our community complete with a train ride, tractor hay ride, bouncy house, goats and great looking pumpkins free for local school kids.

Monday, October 24, 2011

An Unfolding Journey

Reading "Refuge on Crescent Hill" by Melanie Dobson is like going on a journey. She develops the character in such a way, you begin to feel as though you know them and the mystery that unfolds page by page, leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat (or staying up way to late to find out what happens!!)

The story takes place in a small Ohio town following the return of Camden, a big time photographer from New York, who grew up visiting her grandma in the Bristow family mansion. Upon her arrival, her entire world turns upside down as she discovers her grandmother died and left the home in Camden's care.

With a combination of mystery, intrigue, history, family dynamics, faith, long time friends and enemies, frustrations and surprises, you will not be disappointed in this exciting read.

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