Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full of Talent

My darling oldest daughter Hannah decided she wanted to try out for the school talent show. It blew us away. Not that she is not talented - she amazes me with how fast she is picking up the piano and how wonderful she plays. But because my little tiny girl who hid behind me in play dates, wanted to step in front of a theater full of people all by herself and share her talent.

Of course, we said yes. Together, we spent time after school auditioning. Then, we spent more time at a dress rehearsal. And then, at last, the big night came. She was thrilled that I spent some time curling her hair and putting on a bit of make up. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady.

She played her recital song from last summer as she didn't have time to fully prepare anything else . . . and she played it perfectly without one little misstep. (I'll try to figure out how to put a link of the video here?!) It's incredible to watch our little ones grow up right before our eyes.

To my beautiful little girl Hannah, I am thankful everyday that you are my daughter. You have so much poise, grace, gentleness and faith. It is an honor to be your mom and I adore you. I am so proud of you for sharing your God-given talent with those around you. Keep following His path . . . He has an amazing plan for your life!

Wonderful Girls

I don't love mornings. Duh . . my hubby would say. But it's the truth. (Can I blame genetics as my mom doesn't like mornings either?) Anyway . . . back to my story. I don't love mornings but I have vowed to be up with the girls every morning fixing breakfast, fixing their hair, giving minor clothes advice (I want them to be their very own self but there has to be a tiny bit of persuasion sometimes) and driving them to school.

Most mornings we're good. Some mornings we're frazzled. Sometimes we're early. Sometimes we're barley on time. Sometimes I make pancakes. Sometimes we're grabbing granola bars on our way out. And now that they are older, it's been very helpful that they can get started on toast or whatnot. (Although even making toast can turn into a pair of bicker-sons that erase any helpfulness the toast making was.)

This morning, however, was my very favorite at all time. Without me knowing it, the girls got themselves up, got dressed without suggestions, Hannah practiced her piano, they made breakfast for themselves and each other and woke me up like this . . .

There are many days that are so exhausting. Times when I am sick of dishes, sick of laundry and sick of cooking. There are times when I don't feel like anyone listens to me. (Haven't I been teaching manners for the past 8 years?) There are times when I can't wait for bedtime so I can sit down and breath. But this morning, I was speechless, overwhelmed and so grateful. They were so selfless, caring and thoughtful. I had such an incredible day and felt so blessed to be a momma. There are surprise moments like today that put the dailies in perspective and make it all worth it.

An Easter Story

"Simon and the Easter Miracle" by Mary Josin and illustrated by Anna Luraschi is one of the latest children's books released by Kregel publishing. Just in time for this blessed holiday, I was eagerly looking forward to settling down with the girls in a cozy blanket with this new book.

The pictures on each page are soft and beautiful and captivated our attention from the very first beginning. The story follows a man named Simon as he goes into the market for the day to sell his wares. He is stopped on his way when asked to carry the cross of Jesus. His interaction with Christ makes an impression on him that he doesn't understand or notice until later.

I love Easter. I can't think of a more incredible, powerful, moving, emotional, complex and yet so simple moment of time that we remember each year. Since having kids I have been overwhelmed with their depth of understanding and love of Jesus. And I have realized just how approachable God is. Now please don't misunderstand . . . the more I read the bible, the more I realize how huge God is and just how little I know about Him and His plan. There are times however, that just baffle me when I back up and put my "intellectualism" on the shelf and look at the message from the eyes of a child (one who Jesus said the kingdom of God belongs to). The words to the tender well known song "Jesus loves me . . . this I know . . . for the bible tells me so" . . . sums it all up. Jesus love us . . . the bible tells us so.

"Simon and the Easter Miracle" was another spring board for conversation with my girls as to how much Jesus loves us and what an amazing sacrifice he made. On a practical sense, I found this book didn't end . . it lacked cohesion and finality . . . the girls said, "and then what?" I felt the same thing . . . I was craving a few more pages tying the story together and emphasizing what the miracle of Easter really was. I imagine the authors intended an opportunity to fill in the blanks when the book was closed.

May this Easter season be a blessed time for you . . . wherever you are . . . no matter your understanding of the bible or deep "spiritual" things . . . no matter the place you are in life . . . Jesus loves you - this I KNOW - for the bible tells me so.