Thursday, January 26, 2012

An In-depth Look

I feel a bit like I've lost my mind (or at least the bit that remembers the little things and does them in a timely manner). That being said, I am so sorry to my friends at Kregel publishing for my lack of blogging about a wonderful resource on time. Thank you for your grace during the move and all that it entails to set up a home and a new routine.

I was sent to read and review, Reading Revelation by C. Martin Pate. It could not have come at a more perfect time as I am currently in a group of women working through Here and Now: There and Then a study in the book of Revelation by Beth Moore (and you know how I adore her!!)

Maybe it's just me but Revelation is a confusing book. There are so many illustrations and visions and letters and lessons and prophecies and visions and discussions of such crazy things that at times my head is spinning and I'd rather go back to something more peaceful and understandable. And I can honestly say, in all my times of reading and studying the bible, I have never fully studied the book. (see above explanation of complications!) Beth Moore (in her amazing way of teaching) has been breaking it down bit by bit and explaining it in historical as well as biblical context. Ironically (although not a surprise as God always has a plan) I received C. Martin Pate's book. I didn't know what to expect. Upon opening, I was surprised by the easy five column layout. It presents side by side comparisons of the four approaches commonly taken in interpreting this book: past, historical, future and spiritual. And the fifth column is the literal word-for-word translation.

This book has been a great reference resource as I study this book. It would be an intriguing look even if you weren't studying the book. I truly appreciate the clear, simple presentation (as I was not looking forward to digging into a heady complication of a topic so heady and complicated.) and I am impressed with the time spent in compiling such a resource.

Thanks Kregel for another great opportunity to review another amazing book. (please don't kick me off the island for my slip in timing!!)