Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Finally Time!!!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving and were so blessed this year to be surrounded by both sides of the family . . . and for my dad's incredible spread!! You outdid yourself once again . . . and I'm currently eating leftover stuffing . . . no one makes stuffing like my dad!!

And now . . . drum roll . . . it's time!! It's time to get out the Christmas boxes, watch some Christmas movies, read some Christmas books, listen to Christmas music and get the tree . . .

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to be Thankful

In honor of Thanksgiving (can't believe it's only two days away!), I thought I'd make a list of things I am thankful for. It may be here to remind you of what you are thankful for, it may be here to encourage you to appreciate the many blessings but mainly it's here for me . . . to remember all the blessings and joys in my life. Life can be crazy and transitional and unknown and ever-changing and frustrating and wonderful and inspiring and challenging . . . but there are ALWAYS many things to be thankful for. Mostly, I need to stop my whining about the things that are "hard" and focus on just how incredible this life is.

For a God that is always perfect . . . who created me and loves me through all of my flaws and my lack of understanding just how perfect He is. And for the assurance of my salvation . . . "Jesus loves me this I know . . . for the bible tells me so." Sounds so simple - and yet so profound.

For a husband who loves me in spite of and because of who I am. Who truly is my partner in life . . . I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else. He makes it about so much more each day then the dailies . . .

For two beautiful girls that cause me more irritation, more surprise, more work, more emotion and more joy than anything else in my life. It's hard to remember life before them . . . they've given my life so much depth.

For friends that rally around and make this life more fun . . . who make me laugh, who make mac n cheese a gourmet meal, who challenge me to be a better wife and mom, and who stand and cheer by my side what ever the race of the moment is I'm running.

For an extended family that surrounds us, loves us, and adds so much to our lives.

For Trav's steady job. We are not millionaires . . . we don't eat steak everyday (or ever! :) but we have a regular paycheck and I don't take lightly how many don't.

For health and strength . . . I don't think one is truly able to appreciate something to it's fullest until it is taken away and may never be returned . . . I am deeply truly thankful for where I am at today.

For the "little things" that make my day . . .
            holiday creamers (pumpkin spice and pepper mocha currently in my fridge)
            games (board games or card games . . . love them)
            new box of crayons
            apples (yum)
            green desk from Nana (makes me happy to look at it everyday)
            text messages
            crock pot
            Costco (and Target, of course - see earlier posts for my odes! :)
            cozy blankets
            nail polish

I realized I could go all day with all the little and big things that I am so thankful for. And I have to admit, I started this day with a less-than-thankful attitude. It's a whole lot easier to focus on what's not done and needs to be done and needs to be decided and I am not a patient waiter. I could write pages here on the things that need to be fixed right now (for example, my washer that started gushing water last night . . . come on repair man - ring my doorbell) and the things I am tired of and the things I feel like will never end. And yet, when I stopped to write this post and forced myself to write a list, I feel a whole lot more thankful. The world didn't change. The washer is still broken . . . questions are left unanswered . . . frustrations are still frustrating. But what a change in perspective. God is perfect . . . all the time . . . and He's put me here for "such a time as this."

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to post my rantings and ravings and revelations and memories and general life here . . . and I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving . . . that you are filled with much more than turkey and stuffing . . . that you are filled with a sense of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quote of the Day

I was reading Homelife Magazine (of which I read cover to cover each month) and laughed out loud at a statement from Phill Callaway in an article called "Choosing Your Rut Carefully." I had to share today. In a time of financial hardship and struggle, and the continual human nature to compare ourselves to others, I thought it was quite appropriate and flat hilarious to boot.

"We are rich in relationships. Rich in memories. Rich enough to give some away. And if we notice that the neighbors grass is greener, let's remind ourselves that their water bill is probably higher and they have to cut it more often!"

Happy Tuesday . . . and enjoy what you've got today!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Never to Early

Although I'm not a big fan of Christmas trees showing up in stores in October, I love the holidays . . . and it's never to early to be inspired by what it's all about . . . and maybe even have a little laugh. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Beautiful Story . . .

There is something about a beautiful story told in a beautiful way with captivating pictures to accompany . . .

Elena Pasquali weaves the traditional folktale of "The Three Trees" in such a way that you are lead on a journey. The artwork is drawn by Sophie Windham and the pictures are soft yet breathtaking. Haley (my five year old) and I snuggled on the couch and read this book. She said, "Mommy, I like this book . . . I want to read it again!" You know you've found a winner when the five year old wants to hear it again.

And more than just a re-told tale, the message of "The Three Trees" is one that you will be inspired by and will not forget. It is an incredibly visual way to share the message of Christ and what really matters in our lives - a different approach than the world's view of success.

If you've not heard the story or have heard it a million times before, this telling by Elena is worth the read. You will not be disappointed (and neither will your kiddos).

Normally, I'd have a give-a-way of the book I've been sent by the publisher but we are all so smitten with this story that I don't think it will leave our home!! You can find this book for sale on Amazon or through Kregel publishing. Christmas is coming and I can't think of a more beautiful story to add to your family's library.