Monday, October 29, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Life has picked up full speed. Fall is here, the leaves are changing and the Marsh family is living the mini-van dream. From piano lessons to soccer practice, kids church night and other events, the time seems to fly. In the middle of the flying time though, we still seem to find time to laugh and love and make some memories along the way.

The Harvest Festival at school as a great success. The planning and organizing of the event took a big chunk of time but I'm loving being a part of the PTSA and in the mix at the girl's school.

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Haley and her little friend Lily has some fun dinking around with wax mustaches. Do you remeber those things from when we were kids? There's a little ledge you put inside your mouth and bite to keep it in place. You can technically "eat it" but what in the world is it made of? (Wow I sound old.)

We carved pumpkins tonight and made toasted pumpkin seeds. I'd have more pictures but my hands got slimy. The re-cap - Dad's old shirts, big mess, lots of seeds, more mess, hands and clothes covered with lots and lots of messes ending up with nice looking pumpkins and a giant mess!! 

The girls are looking forward to Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood. Haley is dressing up as a ballerina and Hannah is dressing up as Taylor Swift. Pictures I promise.

As I hear the washer and dryer running and smell inner pumpkins in my home, I smile a sleepy smile and say a quick prayer of thanks for our busy but full lives. God is good.

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