Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mid-April Camera Dump

Here's what's new with the Marsh Family . . .

Haley lost her first tooth!! At her last dentist appointment, our fantastic dentist discovered that her big tooth was ready to come in much faster than that little tooth would come out which has been "wiggly" for a very short time. She asked him if he was sure she couldn't tie it to the door and slam it shut but he convinced her this would be best.

Once or twice a week, I still have the privilege to take care of two of my favorite little guys on the planet. It's
a good thing my rented baby is so blasted adorable though . . . I love messes so much?!

The chore chart is finally done!! I've been procrastinating making this thing forever but now that its done, I'm in love. It feels so motivating to have one area of focus. I'm the type of cleaner that goes downstairs then finds something that belongs upstairs then vacuums the bedroom then remembers the kitchen . . . now, I have a clear task each day and when it's done, it's done. No more random wanderings for me! (And yes, that is the cast from Phineas and Ferb keeping us all on board!)

Spring is here!! Although we still have many days of rain, the sun is out and so are we . . . and see the tulips?! Love tulips!!

We are in the process of getting a new deck . . . upper and lower. I am so excited and wish it was done already (I'm not a very patient waiter!!) but it's gonna be worth the wait. It stresses me out when I open our upper bedroom door and all I see is a steep drop to the ground but it will be absolutely beautiful when it's finished.

I took the ladies out for a special girls day. We went to the local college beauty school (where you can get a mani/pedi for a third of the price of a regular salon and have just as much fun) where the girls got their nails all fancy, went out to dinner, then ended with a movie. It was a great day to be a mom of little girls!!

I got a grown up girls weekend. Once a year, my dear friend Melissa's parents take a long vacation and we get to take over their lake house. This time, we mixed a shopping day in our favorite thrift shops, reading books by the lake, watching a marathon of Project Runway, eating a lot of yummy cheese and chocolate and drinking some yummy wine. Bliss!

Haley was Haley and decided to give herself an eyebrow makeover with some sunscreen. (I adore this little girl and her silly spirit!!)

And last but not least, I have made a Zumba comeback . . .

I've faithfully gone at least twice a week sometimes even pulling a double . . .

And in the recent Biggest Loser contest, I came in second after losing 24 pounds in six weeks!! I have so much energy, feel stronger and am thrilled to keep going!!

If you haven't heard my whole story, it's worth checking out (read some past blog entries from 2010-2011) . . . in 2 years (to the day April 22nd) I have lost 93 pounds!! I went from sitting on my couch with a dim prognosis of ever being able to walk to get the mail successfully to kicking some serious booty each week at Zumba. God is so good and I am ever amazed at the miracle He worked in my body. I am ever grateful for the friends and family who have faithfully prayed and followed me along this loooong journey. And I can't wait to keep going and see what the future has for me!!

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