Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January in Review

This month has been fairly dominated by our favorite local football team and their exciting road to the Super Bowl . . .

We CANNOT wait to cheer and jump and holler this Sunday!! And although our thoughts and attire and excitement has been football centered, we've had all kinds of other things happen this month.

Haley and I got to go to the local children's theater on a field trip to see Frindle - a play about a boy who invents a new word.

Although it wasn't the most life changing story/production ever, it was great to be with my little girl experiencing it together. And it's always a personal victory when I am physically able to do something outside the house.

On the 16th I had a bronchial procedure in hopes of finding a possible explanation to all the asthma flares I have been having. When they were checking me in, at the exact same time, they were struggling to put in an IV (as I was forbidden to drink from midnight the night before and was dehydrated), they were checking my blood pressure with the tightest blood pressure cuff ever, the nurse shoved the thermometer in my mouth, and the person being prepped in the room next door started singing some loud song about his "spank line." When we asked the nurse what a spank line was, she made the funniest face and said, "I don't want to know!" For the actual procedure, they went down (much like an endoscopy), took a sample of tissue in my lungs and then flushed it hoping to clear things out. They were looking for a form of tuberculosis (that sounds exciting) which they didn't find (a bit disappointing as it may have been a long term solution to this asthmatic mayhem) but they did discover that I had pneumonia (the predinisone masks symptoms of infections) and immediately put me on a crazy heavy duty antibiotic three times a day. So - in summary - although we didn't find a larger solution to this ever frustrating problem, we probably prevented/avoided another long hospital stay by stopping a huge problem before it worsened. (PS - I thought perhaps my throat would be sore a day or so after - my chest and lungs and diaphragm claimed some serious credit in the pain department . . . good times)

While recovering, I got some great pictures of this busy little guy . . .

Melissa said in the middle picture he was trying to figure out how to call his auntie!! And he is becoming oh so helpful at home . . .

The elementary school hosted a family Bingo night. Haley had a great time hanging with her best buddy Maddie.

And they both even got a Bingo and picked matching jump ropes for their prizes!

A famous jazz group (Tower of Power) invited the MP and Totem jazz bands to a special day with them in Seattle. Because Travis is good friends with the band teacher at Totem, he was able to go and take Hannah with him. They both came home super excited and Hannah was even more "jazzed" about playing the trumpet. (pardon the ridiculous pun - that's just plain embarassing)

And last but not least, Grandma Merry took the girls to see Mary Poppins at a local theater. They had a wonderful time even watching the actress fly right over their seats!

While they were gone, Travis and I took advantage of a date night and went out to dinner. I can't say enough how nice it is to have an open line of communication and a spouse I actually enjoy spending time with. We have been through the ringer and having a steady partner by my side makes it all ok.

January is commonly known as a time of new beginnings but I think everyday is a chance for a new beginning. You always have a choice as to how you will face the day. You have a choice how you will interact with the people around you. You have a choice as to what you will focus on and how you will respond to the things that come in your way. I don't always make the right choice. But thankfully, tomorrow is a new day filled with new choices.

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