Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Goal for the New Year

I like to sleep . . . a lot . . . and I have found it particularly difficult on these chilly mornings to hop out of bed with vim and vigor . . . and my kiddos are sleeping in a bit later since Christmas break . . . and they like to crawl into bed and rest a bit longer . . . fine habits for the weekends . . . not so fine for the week when we have school and MOPS and doctors appointments and life to tackle.

For years I have heard from moms and read articles about how wonderful it is to wake up a half hour or hour before their children to have a shower, make some coffee, read a book, think about their day and how much it's changed their life. To this, I have said for years, HOGWASH! It sounds wonderful and story book and to good to be true and not for me who loves to sleep and stay in my cozy bed a bit longer in the mornings.

And then I had a lunch date with my friend Krista. She shared with me how much she likes to stay in bed a bit to long and has for years admired "those women" who enjoy a moment or two of peace in the morning to get ready before their children and yet how much she thought it was not for her. Then she shared how she'd just read an article that really convicted her . . . it asked how much your life was really changed by an extra half hour of sleep in the morning . . . realistically? Not that much. And on the other hand, how much would your life change if you had an extra half hour to get ready for the day . . . realistically? A lot. Krista said she tried it for a week and wouldn't you know? All "those women" were right . . . it changed her life.

I was convicted by her conviction . . . can that even happen? I decided that this is somthing I can (and must) commit to . . . I shared my new goal with my hubby so I'd have an accountability partner, set my alarm last night and totally failed. When it went off this morning, I thought to myself, Self, wake up and start your day fresh. . . then turned off the alarm.

Disappointed with myself for failing on the first day? Yes. Willing to try it again come Monday? Absolutely. And now, I've put it in writing out into the "Blog-o-sphere" so I have tons of accountability . . . will I fail again? Absolutely . . . but in the long run I will aim for creating a new habit with the goal in mind for a more peaceful start to the day.

Here's to a new goal . . .

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  1. gotta love Krista and her wisdom! Let me know how it goes, I am guilty of staying in bed till they get up too. and so far its working for me, but I may be able to be convinced.


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