Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Memorable Evenings (for two very different reasons!!)

On December 31st, my fabulous hubby took me to the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland for a wonderful overnight . . .

It was absolutely gorgeous located right on the water of Lake Washington. We went out to dinner at Anthonys then came back to the room for some much needed relaxation . . . I took a hot lesurly bath in the huge tub while Travis watched football in peace . . . we both sat watching the sunset over the water as we read books . . . then counted down to New Years watching the fire works off the Space Needle across the lake. We woke up to room service breakfast, walked on the docks along the water and enjoyed a Starbucks on our way home. It was fabulous!! (Thanks Grandma Merry and Grandpa Gerry for keeping the kiddos so we could have this special date.)

Last night, although it was equally memorable, was not so fabulous. One of the tests the Denver doctors wanted me to complete when I returned home was a sleep study to check for possible sleep apnea which can be caused by or worsen asthma. I drove to the facility (also on the water - yet somehow not so peaceful?!) and was instructed to put on my pjs and watch an exciting 10 minute video about the test. I was then hooked up to millions (ok - maybe not millions but a lot) of sensors all over my body . . . literally from my head to my toes . . . it was uncomfortable and awkward and I looked like a martian when it was over . . .

Each of those wires connected to another lead . . . and along with all the leads where tight bands all around my chest and middle (giving a whole new meaning to the term "muffin top" . . . I had muffin top, muffin middle, muffin bottom, muffin in between . . . ), breathing sensors in my nose (a lot like oxygen) and a microphone on my throat to record any snoring. They measured a CPAP machine over my head and face just in case it was needed in the middle of the night and I was asked to lie still while breathing in and out through my nose for 30 minutes to check the flow of air through it. It was then disconnected and I had some time to take my night time meds, read if I wanted and prepare for sleep . . . I had brought a book and was looking forward to at leastsome nice quiet reading time . . . try getting comfortable for some nice quiet any time with a billion things stuck in and around your entire body (yes - the wires have increased to a billion now). The nurse or technician or crazy sleep lady came back in, hooked all the wires into machines, tucked me in and said good night . . . not so much. You can't move from your back, can't get comfortable and can't sleep . . . doesn't bode well for a "sleep" study . . . but, they didn't have to wake me up and bring the CPAP machine in and although she couldn't tell me the results, that seems like an initial good sign.

She woke me up (from my mostly restless-trying-to-get-comfy sleep at 5:45 am, asked me to fill out a survey about how I felt, had me sign a paper saying I could safely drive home (and wouldn't sue them if I couldn't) and sent me on my way with a luxurious room service breakfast consisting of a fantastic tasting (sarcastic) granola bar . . .

In conclusion . . . how in the world did the last two days happen in a row?! It still feels a little ike twilight zone and, although she ripped quite a few electrodes from my skin (son of a nutcracker!), my hair is full of goo and more stickers . . . she says, "No problem . . . they should all come out in a hot shower." Should?! And I paid for this experience?!

Thanks honey for a great birthday gift and a wonderful restorative time away to start the new year . . . and thank crazy sleep lady for a load of junk in my hair . . . off to the shower . . . Happy New Year.

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