Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Real Person . . .

Today I was shopping Costco with a good friend (way more fun than going alone) and after a long journey around the huge warehouse, our little ones (Haley 5 and her little guy 2) it was time for hot dogs (who doesn't love lunch for $1.50 a person?!)

We got our food, put ketchup on the dogs and attempted to finish a sentence, enjoy our lunch and wrangle children. The two year old was having none of it and Haley was attempting to wrangle him herself . . . as they climbed benches, laughed to loud, ran a bit and acted like . . . well, children, an older woman on a bench nearby giggled and said, "I'm so glad my children are not that small anymore."

Although I absolutely love the fact that my girls are still small enough to crawl up on my lap and want me to read to them all day on a rainy Thursday, I appreciated the honesty and realness of the woman in the store. So often, older people will comment on how "these are the best days of your life" and sometimes, in the middle of the frazzle, you want to sit down and cry thinking "Really? These are the best days?!"

So thank you random lady at Costco for acknowledging that this mothering business is downright hard sometimes and although I will miss the sweetness of the little ones in my house (makes me choke up just typing those words), there will be a time when the dog days of this journey will be a sweet memory and you'll marvel at the young men or women in your family and celebrate your survival!!

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