Monday, September 17, 2012


On Saturday, my family got to attend the Huskey game. We love to watch football together and the Huskeys are our very favorite!! Everyone in our house has jerseys, sweatshirts, and even sweat pants (ok - Travis wanted me to correct myself . . . he does not wear sweatpants) and cheer our hearts out in front of the TV. Where was I you may ask? Home doing a garage sale. Although we made a great amount of money and got rid of a lot of clutter, I was quite disappointed to get left on the sidelines. It did help me feel as though I was there with the photo updates throughout the day.

We won by a landslide, the girls got to meet and take pictures with cheerleaders, it was band day featuring lots of entertainment during half time and fun fan memories were made. Next time, I will abandon the garage sale, put a sign up that says, "Put your monetary donations for my junk here" and take off to cheer on our team!! Go Dawgs! Keep up the good work . . .

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