Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Hunted Hare

Blog Review of  "The Hunted Hare" by Fay Sampson, published by Monarch Books. Guest Blogger: Travis Marsh.

Karla knows my love for mystery/who-done-its. It started very young when my Nana would play detective with me around their apartment complex.  I think it was just a good excuse to spy on the neighbors, but I digress.

 The Hunted Hair combines both mystery and a good dose of historical fact.  Fay Sampson has a very enjoyable reading style. She is able to develop complex characters with a variety of feelings.  She takes on terminal illness, parenting, death, mystery all in a smooth, believable transition.  The setting of North Wales adds to the mystery and allure of the book.  Her descriptions of the town, church and especially the landscape made my travel bug start jumping to go there!

It is nice to read a strong story with a intricate plot that attaches you to characters while trying to find the culprit. It seems like this will be one of many in a series, so there is more mystery to come!

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