Monday, July 15, 2013

Twelve Years

The years truly are short . . .even those at times the days are long.

Yesterday marked our 12 year anniversary as husband and wife. Over the past twelve years, we have moved three times, had two beautiful little girls, faced medical problems beyond belief, lost some special family members, laughed, cried, attended sibling weddings, went on family vacations, driven the same cars (until Travis' recent update), welcomed a niece and nephew into the world, taken countless pictures, had two dogs, some fish and a few hermit crabs, switched school districts, watched two elections, the falling of the twin towers, some amazing storms and the rising of Duck Dynasty, made friends to last a lifetime and continued to grow as individuals and a couple.

We have been through a lot. Some amazing and some less than amazing. Life is not easy - our kids throw up, bills stack up, washing machines break, unexpected and unwelcome surprises come our way . . . but we are strong. We have not broken and we will continue to grow even closer as the years go on.

Twelve years ago we made vows. Vows to stick together. So we have . . . and I'm thankful for it.

Travis - for the long days and fun days and sad days and growing days and happy days and crazy days . . . I'm so glad I'm spending my days as your wife. Here's to many more.

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  1. I was thinking of you all day Sunday! Happy anniversary! (And cute photos!!!)


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