Saturday, July 20, 2013

CONGRATS are in order

Twenty years ago I met one of my favorite people on earth. We clicked instantly and have enjoyed countless hours laughing, talking, drinking coffee and supporting each other as we grew through life. We graduated high school together. I was in her wedding. She was in my wedding. I was there after her first little girl was born. She came to the hospital when my first little girl was in the NICU. We spent tons of time on the phone and not as much time in person as we'd like. She has a beautiful blog that inspired the start of this one and you must check out her two latest miracles. They are absolutely a sight to beheld. My heart is swelling with joy for her and her growing family!! Way to go sister!! One more incredible milestone in life that I am honored to witness!! Love you Miss Sarah!

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  1. Oh thank you Karla! I can't wait till you meet them- they are scrumptious!


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