Friday, January 1, 2010

News of the New Year

So . . . I had so many big plans of blogging throughout our Christmas season endeavors but quickly learned that you're to busy endeavoring to blog . . . and that's the point . . . so instead of killing myself to fit in a million pictures and stories and update, I've decided to make a list of the last ten days or so . . . more to come I'm sure . . .

My sweet little sister got engaged (cute story!! and she's going to marry a good friend from high school's brother - how sweet!

Rockettes show in Seattle

Christmas morning family fun (Haley said, "Mom - santa made a huge mess! He must have been STARVING when he got to our house!!")

Christmas with the Marsh family including a great time of gift opening, a nice dinner with family and friends, a sleepover, grandpa's french toast, game playing and homemade butternut squash soup!!

A lovely Christmas brunch with some very dear friends and a hilarious "Rock Band" experience

A reunion with some great friends from high school who haven't all been together for 10 years . . . and my favorite is that instead of spending our time laughing and rehashing high school, we transported back to high school with a historical version of "Ultimate Spoons" . . . we love you Michelle . . and so does the Christmas Goat of Joy

Christmas with the Stoebe family including a new version of LCR with quarters (good times), lots of lovely gifts, the infamous bag game, yummy cooking by Papa, as always, and lots of game playing fun

A birthday celebration with my family complete with a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake

A getaway gift from my wonderful hubby to the Semiahmoo resort complete with a Labels shopping trip, lunch at the Colophon, dinner in the waterfront restaurant, morning pastries in Lynden and lots of rest

"Hors d'oeuvre-IOUS Day" with some good friends and family members . . . think food, football and fun - what more do you need in life?

With all that to say - we've had a super fun, restful, jam packed, adventurous, relaxing, exciting, wonderful, memory filled Christmas break. . . we're not quickly anticipating the return to real life and on the other hand, are also craving the return to normal routines. How does that make sense? Anyway, wishing you and yours a wonderful year full of memories too . . . here's to the New Year!!

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