Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simple Saturday

I decided to make today a "Simple Saturday" and show you a few of my favorite little things. . .

In MOPS last week, we made these cutie patootie journals (a simple composition book covered with pretty scrapbook paper and labeled with wood letters). Our fabulous craft ladies gave us the "Honey I . . ." idea. The concept is having an ongoing love letter or written conversation between you and your spouse . . . and instead of focusing on "honey do . . " it makes you think of things you love about them or are thankful for . . . needless to say, the Marsh couple has started this book and we've already written back and forth three times . . . it's soooo much fun!!

This has become my new favorite night time snack . . . Carr's water crackers with a little slice of brie cheese . . . it's not in the picture because I'm out . . . that's how much I love it!! It's salty, rich, smooth, creamy . . . yummm . . . I better run to the store!!

I love reading blogs . . . hence why I decided to start one . . . I have lots of favorites that I read each day as I have my cup of coffee . . . my top two (and don't be sad if it's not yours?!) are my childhood friend Sarah at and my pastor's wife Stacey at . . . check them out . . .they are both funny, inspirational, and sweet in their own ways . . . keep it up ladies!! (and thanks for the inspiration to start my own blogging adventure!)

I love texting . . . and not like teenagers love texting . . . I don't actually text that much . . . but it's been so nice to keep in better daily contact with my family who live away and daily check ins with my hubby . . .

And yes, I love dish soap . . . especially these nifty Cascade Action Packs . . . we used to buy whatever was on sale in the powder form as we're always trying to save a buck. We quickly found, however, that you get what you pay for . . . our dishes (in a new dishwasher) were coming out dirty - not the point of a dishwasher . . . Travis picked these little guys up one day and we've never gone back . . .they are super convenient . . . super fun for the kids to put in the dishwasher and work amazingly well . . . our dishes come out clean and sparkly!!

And last but not least, my all time favorite little thing in life right now . . . thanks to my sweet in-laws, we got this Ikea gadget for Christmas . . . it's super inexpensive ($2.50ish) and makes your morning coffee taste like a fancy latte . . . you put your coffee in, creamer in, then turn this little guy on inside your cup . . . it froths it all up and tastes delicious . . . even day old coffee is new again!! (I will admit I spilled a little on the counter at first but after much practice over the sink, I'm hooked!!)
Hope you all have a fabulous Simple Saturday . . . I'm off to snuggle the girls on the couch with Travis . . . we're watching old Looney Tunes cartoons with lunch today . . . this is the life!!

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  1. I too adore love notes from my husband, specialty cheese & crackers, blogs & blogging, and texting. :) And I'm SO going to get one of those frothy thing-a-ma-bobbers. YUM- your coffee was as good as a Starbucks! Happy weekend!


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