Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soggy Soccer

Welcome to soccer in Washington . . . don't think there are words to describe the wetness and coldness and muddiness and craziness . . . but boy are we having fun!!

(The infamous sport-brella . . . like a tent really but does an amazing job of keeping out the rain and cold)

(Grandma and Papa came from Bellingham to watch today - Papa loving the weather!!)

 (Go TOMA-CHICKS!! - no idea where the name came from or what it means?!)

(Good game, good game, good game . . . then on to the parent-made tunnel - the kids favorite)

I have to be honest and admit I had a very sour attitude about the conditions at the beginning of the season and have been quite jealous hearing friends talk about all the baseball game cancellations this year . . . but this sport is growing on me!! The cheering and the running and the excitement and yes, even the rain all add to a super fun way to spend two nights a week as a family . . . and the hot showers and cocoa at the end always help too!! And by the way, if you live anywhere near us, never plan an outside activity on Monday or Wednesday as it will always rain - it our teams good luck!!

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