Sunday, March 23, 2014


Back in the saddle of the asthma flare. Travis so wisely pointed out yesterday that I spend a lot of time hating this . . . so I'm trying to work on that. It's a common theme through trials that we focus on "coping." There are so many ways to "cope" - so many not healthy or helpful. But yet, we trudge along "coping." What if, instead of coping, we embrace. That is not a novel idea to some but to me, it seems unnatural. It seems ridiculous. It seems like being happy about what's happening. But I'll freely admit I think I'm missing the point of the definition. I don't think embracing always means happy - that would be faking. I think, perhaps, embracing means to stop fighting so hard against what is happening. To stop wasting so much energy on hating it and instead be in the moment. Listen to the girls laughing at some ridiculous silly thing they found to do in their rooms and instead of pout about how I'm not in the middle of every great situation with them but instead smile and appreciate that they are able to entertain themselves and are bonding as sisters. I can open the blinds in my room and instead of frowning over the fact that I can't go sit on my deck as everyone is mowing their grass and enjoy the view of our lovely backyard saying a quick pray of thanks for our beautiful home. Instead of looking ahead on the calendar and wistfully mourning all the event's I'm going to miss over the coming days and weeks, stop in the moment and be thankful for this moment and this breath and this family and this life. Easy to change these thoughts and stop hating this #@%* asthma, NOPE. Easy to refocus on all the little things that are good instead of the big things that are bad, NOPE. Completely necessary for my sanity, YUP. So, my dear astute husband, I will make a concerted effort not to spend so much time hating and instead embrace. Wish me luck.

(Ironically, I just checked my inbox and found an article from one of my favorite authors - Jill Savage - titled LOVE YOUR NOW) 
She says, " What kind of statement is that? How does one love their "now?" And if we can wrap our brain around the concept, sometimes it doesn't seem like there's a lot to love about our "now." 
God's been teaching me, however, that when I don't love my now, I miss so much.  In fact, in mourning "what isn't" I miss "what is." Our days are filled with interruptions. Our dreams are dashed by reality. Our expectations are burst like a balloon that comes in contact with a sharp pin.  But what if we could embrace "what is" instead of ruminating on "what could have been?" If you and I can learn to do that more often, we'll learn to love our now and we'll help our family love their now, too.  The Bible says, "A God-like life gives us much, when we are happy for what we have." (I Timothy 6:6 NLV) When we love our now, contentment increases, joy expands, and peace prevails.  This is what we gain! I know I want that kind of "gain" in my life more than anything else!"

Ok - not at all ironic. There is not a lot of irony in God's plan. It's incredible and sometimes down right ridiculous how a reoccurring theme crops up in your life that you need to work on. So there it is. Loving my now (or starting to try).

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