Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ready or Not . . .

A few years ago I found a company that turned your blog into a book that you could order and have a copy for your home. I excitedly ordered it for the first year of my blog. Then ordered it after the second year of my blog. Then life happened, blogging got spotty, and I haven't even written enough to fill a new book.

Fast forward to this week. Hannah found the blog books in the book shelf and started to read. She loved every minute. It was a snapshot of our family's life over the years and reminded her of all kinds of things we did. She even said, "Mom, you're really funny!" Which I am writing her for posterity here so when she is 16 and doesn't think her mom is that cool, she can read this blog post and remember?! (Remember 16 year old Hannah? You used to think your mom was funny?)

Anyhoo . . . when she finished devouring both books, she asked me if I would start blogging again so that she can read the next book when it is published. Published? What a doll.

Ready or not . . . here I blog.

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