Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthday Dinner . . .

Oh the things you will do for your husband for his birthday . . . my wonderful husband of nine and a half years turns 40 on Wednesday . . . his friends have surprised him with an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas of which he leaves on Wednesday afternoon not to return until Saturday evening . . . sooo . . . the Marsh girls decided to surprise Daddy with a party here tonight. We hung the streamers, blew up the balloons, made our cards, and wrapped some presents.

In case you have never met me, I am a ridiculous over achiever (isn't admission the first step to recovery?) . . . instead of choosing something rational to make for dinner, I decided to tackle Julia Child. Travis loves beef bourguignon. He has ordered it at French restaurants in the past and has been overwhelmed with the richness of flavors and loves eating it. How hard can it be?

It can be hard . . . 18 ingredients, 27 steps, one episode with the smoke alarm, two sink fulls of dishes, a mess on the oven of a variety of colors, over 3 hours in the oven and tons of little skills that require a degree in culinary arts later, the house is smelling delicious and I am praying fervently for some success when the time comes to eat . . .

I love you Travis and think 40 is going to be a great year . . . and I hope you don't mind if next year, Kraft Mac and Cheese shows up with a candle in it!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Travis!!!

    (K- you crack me up) :)


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