Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tis the Season . . .

In order to start getting in the mood for the season, I just finished reading a sweet little Christmas story titled "Call me Mrs. Miracle" . . . without giving to much away, it's a story of a single woman in charge of caring for her nephew as her brother is away in the military. A woman named Mrs. Miracle works at a toy store and seems to know a lot about each of the people she interacts with . . . more than an average employee. The store owner and his son have differing opinions on what to sell during the holiday shopping season . . . happenstance brings together the single woman and the store owner's son and . . . well - you just have to read it!

I did some DVR research and found out this cute little story is also a Hallmark channel movie and it airs on November 27th . . . I'm going to tape it and look forward to watching this sweet tale come to life.  I love this time of year!! (and the crazy storm we had last night was a great set up for the crisp, rainy, windy, reading days to come!)

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