Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Little Things . . .

This afternoon, the kids and I enjoyed a play date at McDonald's with a dear friends. It was so nice. It was easy - there was no clean up for anyone - and for just a few dollars, I even got to enjoy an iced coffee . . . sometimes it's the little things that make a day so great. The kids are happily exhausted from running around in a jumbo sized hamster cage, my soul is happily filled from sweet conversation, my energy is a little higher from the jolt of coffee in my afternoon, and I'm ready to fix dinner for the family and finish the day well. We need the little things in life - and sometimes we need to look for them through the fog of the big things. Now . . . what to fix for dinner . . . can anyone say chicken nuggets?! (Just kidding . . . I think?!)

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