Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Full Day of Rest

Today was a true day of rest . . . we had nothing on the agenda . . . no appointments . . . no tests . . .

I slept in . . . had some breakfast . . . took a looong nap . . . took a shower . . . just had some dinner . . . then am getting ready for bed.

I am thankful for a restful day . . . apparently I needed it . . .

I got to talk to the family tonight for a while on the phone. They are doing great (or so they say?!) . . . it was so fun to hear their sweet little voices talk about all their adventures. I am missing them but am feeling so busy with appointments and things to do here to fully take advantage of this experience, there are not a lot of hours in the day to miss home - a blessing in and of itself.

Tomorrow starts the week off with a bunch more tests . . . I'll let ya know . . . for now, I'm going back to sleep - Happy Sunday!!


  1. so glad you got a day of rest. I am reading these posts and thinking of you.

  2. Miss you my friend...having coffee and wishing you were here, but so very glad you are doing what you set out to do-GET ANSWERS! Praying for you and your mamma, sending lotsa hugs, too!!


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