Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In My Stereo

This Christmas, in my stocking, was the new Taylor Swift CD. I have enjoyed quite a few Taylor Swift singles in the past (and the girls and I have danced around the living room on a regular basis) but never have I owned a full CD.

On our way up to the family gathering on Sunday, I popped it in my stereo and was amazed by what I heard. I love it!! There are thoughtful songs, funny songs, deep songs, slow songs, dancing songs and sweet songs. Although all the words aren't "kid appropriate" this time (not explicit or over the top by any means - just a little more adult in relationships and my older one memorizes lyrics way to fast - I have to be careful what goes into her head as it will come out of her mouth and I want to keep her little as long as possible!!), momma will have a good time listening to this CD on my way to appointments, in my ipod, and while kiddos are busy playing upstairs.

It's hard to pick a favorite song as there are so many good ones but go to itunes or you-tube and listen to "mean" and "never grow up" . . . mean will make you smile and maybe even laugh remembering the mean girls or guys of high school and realizing you've grown up but maybe they haven't . . . and I dare you not to shed a tear listening to the lullaby-like song about how times flies . . .

The kids are busy upstairs playing with their new toys now . . . gotta turn on my new tunes!!

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