Monday, December 13, 2010

A Little Girls Turns 5

Today was a special day in the Marsh house . . . our little Haley turned 5!! We celebrated in style with a Fancy Nancy themed party . . . Haley picked the menu (mac n cheese with hot dogs, salad with tomatoes and avocados, meatballs with spaghetti sauce, pigs in a blanket . . . random - yes, all Haley - yes) . . . lots of friends and family filled our little home with laughter and love . . . we all wore our PJ's (per Haley's request) and played some fun games (my sweet friend Mandi's mom drew and decorated the Fancy Nancy poster that the kids took turns pinning stars on her wand - thank you thank you thank you . . . I can't believe your talent and your generosity - you may have a new business on your hands!!) . . . we ended the night with cake and ice cream . . . Happy Birthday Little Girl . . . couldn't imagine us without you . . . you add so much laughter and joy to our little family . . . it's truly a blessing and a gift watching you grow . . .

 You truly are a Fancy Nancy and we couldn't love you more!!

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  1. A very big birthday hug for Haley. Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie!

    (And man, looking over these photos, I keep remembering her as just a wee one, telling Travis and Andy under no uncertain terms, "I don't want to say Audrey. You say Audrey.")

    Hee hee!


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