Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's FINALLY Happening!!

It's a long and personal story . . . one to detailed to type and send through blogger-space . . . but after much prayer and paperwork and processing and waiting for months and praying some more . . . we are MOVING!!! And yes - we are crazy to move four days before Christmas but I can't tell you how much we've needed this end result. And we can't wait to spend Christmas in our new home!!!!

I am taking lots of before and after pictures to share the process of setting up in the new space . . . our new space . . . a space to laugh and grow and fellowship with those around us and rejoice in God's goodness.


  1. Okay, I seriously need to just CALL you!!! Praying blessings on a Christmas in your new home!

  2. YEAH. Just in time for a much needed peaceful holiday. I am so happy for you guys.


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