Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not So Little Anymore

On Tuesday this week, my youngest daughter (who was just born yesterday . . . wasn't she?!) turned 6 years old. It used to drive me up the wall when well meaning women further along their mothering journey would say, "oh it goes so fast" . . . or "you won't believe how quickly they grow up". . . but I'm finally understanding and am becoming myself, a well meaning woman further along on my mothering journey saying the same things to mommys of younger kids.

So where did the time go? It has gone by with more precious moments than I can even recount . . . but I'll give you six in honor of her six years.

1. She was born at around 3:30 pm (isn't it funny how on the day she was born I could tell you the exact minute and each little ounce she weighed? Perspective . . . ) It took one push - the doctor had finished putting on his gloves, turned around and there she was - beautifully pink with a great set of lungs.

2. She was a busy little baby - always on the move. Her favorite activity was her Jump Up (the crazy contraption you hang in the doorway?!). We used to set Hannah's little trampoline in front of her which would make Haley just crack up and jump faster watching big sister.

3. Three years old for Haley was . . . I can't think of a way to sugar coat it . . . challenging. Sure there were lots of sweet moments and endearing kisses but that kiddo had a defiant little spirit like you wouldn't believe. I remember Travis coming home one day to find me in tears. I said, "Am I a terrible mom if the minute she woke up today, I was counting down the hours till she went to bed?" To which he scooped me up and said, "I'm sure you're pretty normal" . . . I love that man.

4. Four was absolutely incredible. I think working so hard to discipline and shape and mold the crazy three year old into a functioning little person made the other side that much sweeter. Hannah started school and Haley became my little buddy. We ran errands together, made lunch together, read books together, took rests together (mostly for Mommy's sake) and I truly enjoyed her to bits. She found a great love for cooking and I spent so much time making anything and everything we could just so I could watch her smile while she mixed and stirred and poured and was so proud of her end results.

5. Haley has the most incredible sense of humor. Since as long as I can remember, she makes our family laugh harder that anything else. She has perfect timing, a hilarious dry delivery and knows how to work the room. I can't begin to tell you all the funny things she's said, funny things she's done and how many fall-off-our-chairs-tears-down-our-faces-laughing-so-hard-we've-almost-peed moments we have had thanks to her. And when something strikes her as funny, she laughs with pure abandon and it's sooo contagious we can't help but join in.

6. She is the most versatile little girl I have ever met. She looooves to be outside - bugs, dirt, plants, running, climbing, jumping, you name it, she loves it. She looooves to draw and she is incredibly good at it. She going to be a great pictionary partner someday! She looooves getting fancy - lip gloss, 'hair-dos' eyeshadow, the works. She loooves to play with dollies. She is so nurturing and tender and it is so precious to watch. And she loooves to love. She is a snuggly kid and the hugs, kisses and times she wants to sit on my lap are so sweet to me.

I am so blessed to be your Mommy little one . . . I am so excited to continue down this path with you my little buddy . . . God has given you such a sense of wonder, a surpassing beauty and a journey ahead full of blessings. Happy Birthday Haley.

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