Friday, December 16, 2011

Kindergarten Fun

I recently had the opportunity to join Haley and her kindergarten class in the infamous building of the milk carton gingerbread (but really graham crackers) house. It was a messy, great time. Haley borrowed Hannah's shirt (two sizes to big) because, "Mom, it's perfect. It has the gingerbread man on it!!" She's right - it was perfect!

The last picture shows her incredible, patient, organized teacher - we are so thankful to have him as a part of Haley's education. It was soooo fun to watch the full gammet of techniques. From the type A kiddo whose roof was perfectly covered with pretzel sticks exactly lined up in a row. And the kid who haphazardly threw things on with way to much frosting and no plan what so ever. To my favorite, the kid who put two things on his house and then ate the rest of his bag of decorations (ie - candy). The grand finale of the volunteering was carefully carrying the finished houses back to the classroom (and fixing a few falling roofs on the way) and wiping down each kid. They somehow managed to get frosting on their hands, on their faces, in their hair, on their clothes and all over the table and floor. Sorry janitors - you don't get paid enough for gingerbread house day!!

What's not to love about Kindergarten? It took everything bit of adult restraint I had not to jump in, grab a milk carton and get to work!! As grown ups, we don't have as many opportunities to be so creative in such a fun and silly way. And the gingerbread house Haley made is sitting on a shelf gradually losing it's decor as little fingers rip things off with each passing by!!

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