Sunday, December 4, 2011

Teaching Bible Stories

Many attempts have been made in teaching our kiddos the gospel . . . and try as they might, many leave some crucial pieces out. I was recently sent "Baby's Little Bible" to review from Kregel publishing.

Although the cover was soft and the pictures beautiful, I felt the organizing and details of the stories left a bit to be desired. I appreciate the effort of an author to share the good news with the early reader but found myself, as a parent, searching for more connection of stories and found a few crucial details left out (like the temptation and fall of man - even if done is a child-like way - is still a crucial part of the story).

And instead of just saying, it's not my favorite . . . I thought I'd share my favorite with you. I am greatly impressed by "The Jesus Storybook."

Using incredible story telling and captivating artwork, the authors are able to weave the story of the bible (from genesis to revelation) as a united story . . . not separate books . . . and all roads lead to Jesus - the savior and God's plan from the very beginning. It's very biblically sound, encouraging, inspiring and absolutely enjoyable to read. The girls and I have spent many nights cuddled up on the couch amazed by all God has done for us. We discovered this book while babysitting my nephew. My brother-in-law, who is a pastor, found it for his son and was blown away by it's child friendly rendering of the bible while sticking to the truth. In a recent parents bible study I attended at our church, our pastor even recommend this book to parents. And beyond reading it to the girls as a teaching tool, I am enthralled myself and can't get enough of this book.

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