Sunday, April 29, 2012

Opening Day of Fishing 2012

A beautiful day . . . some fantastic friends . . . a pole in the water . . . some biting fish . . . squeals of joy . . . roasting marshmallows . . . learning how to clean the catch . . . a fun relaxing day at the lake . . . seven fresh trout in the fridge . . . can it get much better than this?


  1. It's fun to go fishing and bond with the family every once in a while. I'm glad that you had fair weather on your fishing day, Karla. The kids look so happy catching those fish!

    1. The kids really had a great time fishing with their parents, Melanie. Well, it would be best if parents accompanied their kids when they're fishing so they'll know what and what not to do. :) To be sure of a good weather for fishing, check the daily weather forecast.


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