Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Questions to Ponder

The bible is infinite . . . scholars spend their whole lifetimes trying to understand it all . . . as much as I will never understand it all, I know that it's true . . . for the bible tells me so! There are times when I enjoy just taking it in - reveling in God's promises. And then there are times when I like to be challenged. I truly enjoy a good bible study where I am given the opportunity to learn from someone oh so much smarter than I am. And I occasionally like to read a book that offers some depth to ponder. '40 Questions About the End Times' by Eckhard Schnable was such a book.

I was really excited to dive in and learn after completing Beth Moore's study of Revelation. There are more than a billion words and thoughts and insights in this book that I will never begin to grasp it all. Eckhard Schnable, however, made a good attempt to do so with an exhaustive amount of research. I began reading each question and commentary from start to finish and after four or five questions, my eyes were crossing, my head was spinning and I was more confused that the easy prompting question began. I was almost ready to give up. Then I realized there was a summary at the end of each chapter that combined the research and thoughts discussed way over my head in the 10 or so pages prior. I finally began to understand some of his points.

I did not agree with all of his positions and was more that overwhelmed by the amount of references included in each topic but had great appreciation for all the work he did and did take some thoughts to ponder. I found those summaries quite concise and somewhat approachable. It's an impressive research book that reminded me of my college days - which sometimes we need to challenge ourselves and remember we have an intellectual brain.  If you'd like to win a copy of this book, put your name in the comments section and you can spend days pondering some thoughts and questions about the end times . . .

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