Friday, April 20, 2012

SEW proud

My mom made a trip our way this weekend in an effort to teach me how to sew. I guess a million years ago, I made a bean bag or two but the retention was terrible. I received a beautiful sewing machine a few years ago for my birthday and it's sat in its box for to long . . . let the sewing begin!

And I did it!! I really sewed all by myself! My mom made a beautiful window seat for Hannah and set of curtains with a sheer curtain in front. She LOVES it and feels like she has a secret hide out now.

I had no idea I would have as much fun as I did. It was a wonderful time with my mom . . .  and amazing to see what I could create with a few days of ironing, cutting, trouble shooting, sewing and hanging. I can't wait for the next project to come . . . Travis . . .do you need any new underwear?

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  1. AWESOME! So then you can work with Audrey when you're here, since I am the bad mom who has not learned to sew even though she's begged for years. :)


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