Saturday, August 11, 2012

Introducing a new WIDGET!!

Ok . . . I have to be honest that before I went to Spokane to visit my bestest friend Sarah, I had no idea what a widget was. She blew me away with her blog decorating prowess and gave mine a whole new facelift (which I looove).

She also showed me how to insert an amazon box . . . or widget . . . or what not. Here's what it means . . . if you need to go over to Amazon to buy books or diapers or clothes or food or cd players or new children, go through my widget . . . please.

And when you go through my widget and buy something (anything - see above) I get credit for having a widget thingy bobber on my site!! YIPEE!!

So . . . go to Amazon . . . through my widget . . . and make me happy!!

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