Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Do You Say?

Raising kids is hard. Everyday there is something new. New questions come up sometimes out of no where. New problems arise that you have no idea where to start. New territories of topical conversations begin that you hadn't prepared for. Need help?

Kregel Publishing has recently released some great little books that serve as guides for all those fun things (said a bit tongue in cheek) to come. I was excited to dig in and learn more about what I'm currently dealing with and what's to come. I received the internet and the dating editions. We don't yet allow our girls access to the internet without us helping them and obviously dating is no where near an issue (for now anyway) but I found these little books completely approachable, full of tidbits, and great suggestions of ways to talk to and teach your kids about these "hot button" issues before they are problems in their lives.

The author, Nicole O'Dell said, "I believed it would be easier to control the way they perceived the information and easier to help them see and understand the consequences of poor decisions if they could look at it objectively, without the added stress of peer pressure and other outside influences. This relaxed and safe way of approaching the issues has been invaluable in preparing my own kids for the pressure they’d soon face, and the added benefit of honest discussion, a quality too often missing in parent-teen relationships has brought us closer together."

She has also written "Hot Points" on addiction and sexuality and is in the process of completing  future editions about  friendship, identity issues, and more. Parents have difficult jobs. And parents in this current culture now have an even harder job as the culture is different now then 30 years ago. I felt, by reading these books, that I had a bit more knowledge under my feet about what's to come and some helpful verbiage on how to bring up and discuss these issues. It's never to early to share information at an age appropriate level about big life things that will come up and I was glad to be reminded of some I'd better go tackle right now!

Hot Buttons

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  1. Might need to borrow that dating one in a few years...decades... if I have my way that is when I'll allow them to date! lol. I like the new layout!


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