Monday, August 13, 2012

Pop-Up Fun

From Kregel publishing, we recieved a book titled, "My Pop-Up Bible Stories." Inside were five well known bible stories with a twist. Each story had a beautiful pop-up picture to go along. Each story was written very approachable and Haley (my six and a half year old) could read them all by herself. 

I loved the fact that at the end of the brief paragraphs concisely telling the story, there were scripture references that allowed us to dig into our real bible for even more details in the word of God.

Haley (first grader) said, "I loved the pictures. I loved the people. I loved that Jesus was in every story." (As a mom, I loved how, even though there were stories from the old testament, my little bug still saw Jesus' role in the whole bible!)

Hannah (fourth grader) said, "I think it has the most important part in each of the stories. I think that it had a very good description in pictures. The pictures were very colorful and fun to look at. I think kids would like that it is a pop-up book."
To enter to win a free copy of this precious hard cover book, enter you name in the comments section. It'd be a great addition to your family's library or would make a perfect gift. 

My Pop Up Bible Stories

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