Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sam's New Boat

Last weekend, when the weather was warm and beautiful, we headed out to one of our favorite lakes with one of our favorite families. Sam, the wonderful hubby of my good friend Melissa, has been working on building his own boat for the last 11 years. This summer, he finally finished it!! And we were lucky enough to witness the maiden voyage.

And his adventure inspired a whole new enthusiasm in the kiddos . . .

Way to go Sam . . . a lot of work . . . a lot of garage space . . . a lot of stinky stain . . . but worth every second. What an incredible accomplishment and an amazing send off!

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  1. Great pictures of another fabulous day on golden pond (i.e., Lake Ki).
    I especially like the one of Cooper and Haley, headin' out to sea.


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