Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthday Party Fun

Yesterday we had a day full of birthday party fun . . . it started with the decorating (check out the tissue paper flowers!!)

And then it was time to welcome the guests . . . seven beautiful girls in all . . . to enjoy a relaxing spa!

They were treated to satin hands, bubbly foot soaks, lotion leg massages, hair dos, finger and toe nail painting and sparkly makeup applications. (Thank you SOO much to Auntie Missy, Grandma, and Mama Luna for all your help as Spa Concierges for the day!!)

The end result was seven relaxed, pampered, happy little girls with only one thing missing . . .

(After all the squealing and screaming I was reminded once again why we are not even close to having a slumber party!!!)

We shifted gears and two hours later, had a family taco night with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas and grandpas. We had a wonderful time laughing, talking and enjoying some yummy comida (thanks dad for all your help chopping and cooking!) We moved on to gifts and Hannah was beyond blessed by the generosity of her family . . .

Namies sent two adorable helium balloons to decorate the occasion, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Bonnie wrote Hannah a sweet and silly poem and included some money for a fun adventure or purchase later (her eyes lit up as she said $20 bucks Mom - I think it was the biggest bill she's ever held in her hand - let alone got to keep!), Grandma and Papa gave her a coupon book full of activities to participate in when she goes for a five day special birthday sleep over complete with a haircut, lunch at her favorite restaurant, a sewing project, a shopping trip and much much more, and Grandma and Grandpa gave her a new swing set . . . it hasn't arrived in the mail yet so they gave her this picture of which she studied for quite a while before realizing what it really meant and then responded with a huge grin and lots of excitement. I don't think a little girl could have a more amazing network of family surrounding her with more love than anyone could ever ask for.

We ended the evening with pie and ice cream to celebrate Hannah's birthday, Aunt Bonnie's birthday (which was actually yesterday - thanks for spending it with us Aunt Bonnie!), Father's Day, and Grandma Merry and Grandpa Gerry's 45th wedding anniversary - so much to celebrate! The girls became the waitresses and took their job very seriously (Uncle Ben even tipped them each with a dollar which brought about more surprise and excited jumping in the kitchen!!)

It was a fabulous day for a fabulous girl . . . and the girls were so tired from all the fun and excitement, I think they both fell asleep in 2.5 seconds . . . Happy Birthday little bug. . .

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