Friday, June 17, 2011

A Very HAPPY Day

Eight years ago, at exactly 5pm, God blessed us with Hannah Grace. She was born a month early and weighed a mighty four pounds . . . she is now an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, silly, tender hearted, amazing little girl quickly turning into a young lady right before our eyes. We spent the day today celebrating her . . .

We took an idea from a good friend and secretly decorated the back of her door while she slept last night so she woke up to a surprise . . . she ran into my room and said, "Mom, did you make that flower? Can you make them again for next year?" (cute but can we get through celebratin this year first though?!)

She picked a beautiful dress to wear today and her nicest sandals . . . I asked if she was sure she wanted to dress so fancy as she wouldn't be able to play as much at recess to which she answered, "Mom, it's my birthday." (I think that my first "duh Mom")

In the afternoon, Haley and I brought in balloons which we tied to her chair while she was at recess and donuts to serve when they came back in. She later told me in the car, "Lots of kids bring cupcakes but no one in the whole world has ever had balloons on their chairs!!"

We picked her up from school and without telling her where we were going, surprised her by watching Mr. Poppers Penguins at the movie theater (we just finished reading the book together) . . . she was thrilled and laughed soooo hard at some of the silly parts it made me giggle in my seat! (Mommy review - it brings up issues like divorce and death and has a few 'oh my g*d' that I could have done without but overall is a very sweet story with some great funny family friendly parts and a great message. It wasn't much like the book although definitely had some similarities but don't miss out on reading this story aloud!!)

We gave Hannah a few choices for dinner and she picked Chinese food and wanted to order egg rolls and pot stickers and sweet and sour chicken . . . yum!

We ended the evening at home opening presents . . . I couldn't tell who was more excited - the gift opener or the gift giver. Haley was literally jumping up and down on the couch with excitement . . . she picked out a purple caboodle (remember those things? come on - fess up - you had one and you know it!!) and filled it with beautiful and carefully chosen makeup (the color of the eye shadow she picked is called 'punk funk' . . . I know she'll look back on this someday and laugh!!)

We tucked her in with sweet kisses and prayers . . . she said she was so happy it was her birthday and it was filled with so many surprises!! And more fun to come tomorrow with a friend party and a family dinner.

Happy Birthday little girl!! Thanks for making me a mommy and enriching my life so much in the last eight years I hardly remember what I did before you . . . you never cease to amaze me . . . God has such a big plan for your life and I'm so thankful to be in the front row watching your journey unfold!!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet Hannah! I can't wait to give you a birthday hug!!!


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