Sunday, June 5, 2011

Six Weeks In . . .

I have officially completed six weeks of the healthy eating plan and I am feeling great. I have more energy, I have successfully tapered steroids quicker than ever before (still have a ways to go but lower is always better) and I am happier . . . sounds crazy but it is so empowering having some sort of control over this body that I have had absolutely no control over.

This weekend was the first official weigh and measure . . . let me preface by saying that losing weight is an important goal in this process but the most important for me has been improvements in my health and I don't need to step on a scale to tell that it's working.

That being said, I've lost 20 pounds and just under 25 inches!!!!! I absolutely can not believe it. I didn't set a number in my head so I wouldn't be disappointed . . . but I thought 10 would have been great, 5 would have been realistic . . . never imagining in my wildest dreams that after only six weeks, I'd have already lost 20 pounds!!!!! And in such a healthy way - no crazy diet, no starving, no non-sense . . . just no sugar or carbs (except brown rice and brown rice cakes), staying within a set amount of calories faithfully each day, writing down all the food I eat and making healthy choices all throughout the day. I couldn't be more excited and motivated to continue this journey down the path of increased wellness.


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