Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Special First

Today (in the glorious sunshine) Hannah had her first piano recital. She has been taking lessons all year from Grandma Merry (who has been teaching piano as a profession for the last 40 years) and has become quite the little musician. She was excited (and a bit nervous at first) to participate today along with 8 other piano students ranging in age and years of lessons.

Before we left Hannah said, "Mom, I'm a bit nervous." So I asked, "What are you feeling nervous about?" To which she replied, "Well, I'm afraid they might not like my song and that I might mess up." I said, "What do you think about that?" And she answered, "Well, I'm sure they'll like my song and I'm sure I'll mess up." I asked, "Why do you think you'll mess up?" And she replied (in logic you can't argue with), "Mom, nothings a guarantee." Man I love this kid!

She looked beautiful, walked to the piano with poise and determination and didn't miss a single note. She turned with a huge grin and bowed to the applause of a room full of parents, grandparents, and friends. She also had the opportunity to play a duet with her sweet cousin Becky who has also been taking lessons this year. They did amazingly well and the dynamic between the two was very sweet.

It was so incredible watching this little girl who almost exactly 8 years ago (in 14 days!!) was born a month premature - a tiny 4 lb little bug - blossom into a little lady with beauty and grace beyond her years. It felt like such a "growing up" experience. I am in awe of this process of watching these little gifts we are blessed with continue to grow each day more independent and more incredible . . . and yet so sweet and tender and wonderful to hold in my arms at night and tell her just how proud I am to be her momma.

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