Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't Turn your Back . . .

As I was upstairs folding laundry, my two beautiful daughters came and asked in their most angelic voices, "Mom can we do makeup?" For Hannah's birthday, Haley gave her a set with eye shadow, blush and light pink lipstick. It is few and far between when I let them play with this and only before a bath (as personally I don't think it's appropriate for little girls to walk around looking like mini-adults . . . I digress . . . ) Anyway, I thought through the situation and said, "I appreciate the nice way you asked and Mom has to get a few jobs done so go ahead." They jumped up and down in excitement over my permission and were off. I enjoyed listening to their giggles and sweet sibling bonding as they took turns and took orders, "What color eye shadow would you like today madam" . . . and then I went to look at the glamorous progress and this is what I discovered . . .

They laughed their heads off when they saw the look on my face. I was speechless as this wasn't quite the makeover I was expecting. Moral of the day . . . don't turn your back and assume that the sweet voices mean good choices . . . such is life.

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