Sunday, July 3, 2011

Golfing with the Girls

Summer is here and we are thrilled. We are so thankful that Travis is a teacher and therefore, has the summer's off to rest, relax and make some family memories. We decided this year is the perfect time to get the girls interested in golf. Travis has enjoyed golf for years and is quite good . . . he had a set of clubs made for me when we were newly married and has been working on teaching me how - I'm not perfect but can have fun at the range and work my way through a Par 3 . . . so now is the time to pass on the fun and make this a family fun activity. The lessons started in the back yard . . .

And then we moved on to the driving range by our house. It's owned by a sweet older man who turned his back yard into a range because he loved golf so much. He was thrilled to have the girls trying it out and even gave us a left handed club for Haley!! (my camera batteries died so you'll have to squint to see the cell phone pictures!)

We had such a great time . . . for only $5 a bucket of balls, I can see us hanging out here a lot!!

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