Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week Twelve Check-In

Yesterday was my twelve week weigh and measure for the healthy anti-inflammatory eating plan that I have been working on . . . I have lost another 10 pounds and another 10 inches!! Super excited!! (That's a total of 30 pounds and 35 inches in 12 weeks!!)

Beyond the excitement of the weight loss results though have been the increased health benefits. I am now down to 20mg on pred (from 60) and have tapered quicker than ever before. I successfully fought a cold that would have knocked me out in months past. I have way more energy to run around and play with my kids (and yes - I said run around!!). And the other day, a friend and I walked stairs in a building (to help promote labor - hers - not mine) . . . third floor to basement . . . more times than I can count . . . without a puff of inhaler . . . unprecedented and haven't come even close to that level of physical activity in a LONG time . . . there have be sooo many times I haven't been able to walk the 15 stairs or so in my house without stopping all the way up to take a breath . . .

On Tuesday I go and see my pulmonologist who I haven't seen in three months (also an incredible feat as I was seeing her at least twice a month - usually more) and can't wait to hear what she thinks of all the improvements. It has been such a long journey and I know it's not over but one thing I know for sure is God is so faithful!!! He has blessed our family in so many ways and has shown His love and goodness daily. I never would have picked this path . . . but appreciate the lessons I've learned and the person I am becoming because of all of this. Thanks be to God!

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