Monday, October 10, 2011

How to be a Man's Man

Why on earth would I have anything to say on this topic? I'm married to a manly man . . .  but can't offer much personal insight . . . until now. I recently finished reading "Playing Hurt - A Guy's Strategy for a Winning Marriage" by Brian Goins (thanks to Kregel publishing). This book was endorsed by Dennis Rainey, president of Family Life.

Although I am not a man (obviously) I was encouraged by the advice that Brian offered through personal stories, sports analogies, scripture and sound biblical advice. It's an overall challenge for men to step up to the plate - become the man God intended them to be.

Men and women were created differently and often a lot of misunderstandings in relationships come from those differences and the inability to see things from the other side. The end of each chapter has a few questions to challenge you and process what you just read. He combined practical advice with God's vision . . . my favorite connection was that each wife is God's daughter and as much as you want your daughters loved and protected and honored and cherished in their marriages, so does God.

It's not a heady book - but a book that will make you think. It's not mushy and touchy feely - definitely written by a guys guy. It'd be a great encouragement to any age man in any length of marriage - from 1 year to 50 years, we can always learn something. It would also make a great book for a guys small group or accountability bunch of friends meeting over coffee (or whatever dudes do together?!)

To win a free copy of this book (to read yourself (as a man) or pass on to your hubby) enter your name in the comments section below and I will notify the winner.

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