Monday, October 24, 2011

An Unfolding Journey

Reading "Refuge on Crescent Hill" by Melanie Dobson is like going on a journey. She develops the character in such a way, you begin to feel as though you know them and the mystery that unfolds page by page, leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat (or staying up way to late to find out what happens!!)

The story takes place in a small Ohio town following the return of Camden, a big time photographer from New York, who grew up visiting her grandma in the Bristow family mansion. Upon her arrival, her entire world turns upside down as she discovers her grandmother died and left the home in Camden's care.

With a combination of mystery, intrigue, history, family dynamics, faith, long time friends and enemies, frustrations and surprises, you will not be disappointed in this exciting read.

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  1. Sign me up! I kinda like to read, just a teeny tiny bit! ;)


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