Friday, October 14, 2011

Life Through a Kindergartener's Eyes

Haley is full of life. She always has been - even while growing in my tummy. I remember asking the doctor if the baby can ever move to much. He looked at me, laughed and said, "You're gonna have your hands full with this one!" And boy, was he right. Along with the tenacity and strong will, she has the best sense of humor and an amazing zeal for all the world has to offer. Today, she was trying to find bugs to "investigate what was inside them." I didn't ask what that entailed . . . just complimented her desire to explore nature.

She has taken up gymnastics once a week and is loving it. This week she climbed the rope for the first time (thanks to some help from her incredible teacher).

Yesterday she set up her own alarm system "so the burglars won't be able to get away with anything." Complete with ribbon curls on the kitchen floor so "he'd slip while coming in."

And the grand finale this week was a conversation I overheard while she and Hannah were trying to distribute the fall window stickers to put on. Haley said, "Hannah, what we both need to do right now is take a deep breath (pause while I literally heard her inhale and exhale) . . . now, let's not argue and come up with a way to get along."

It's something new everyday looking at life through her eyes!!

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  1. I love how her booby trap is attached to a pumpkin. That's hilarious. Your certainly right- H is always full of zest!


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