Friday, June 8, 2012

Giddy Up

We have found a new love in our family . . . horses. Who would have thunk it? Hannah's birthday is coming up and we were brainstorming a cool activity for the party. Travis was flipping through the local paper and advertisements and came across a coupon for a stable close to our home that offered a birthday package any little girl would love. Along with the discounted party, there was also a coupon for discounted riding lessons. We decided it would be a lot of fun for the girls to have some lessons before the party so they'd feel like an expert for the big event.

We put on their boots and away we went . . .

In two lessons (just an hour each time), they learned how to brush the horse, put on a saddle, ride the horse, stop the horse, turn the horse, trot the horse, weave the horse in and around barrels and smile non-stop from beginning to end.

The big party is on Sunday . . . two and a half hours of horse fun (with no clean up or prep from mom). Hannah can't wait. And in the Marsh girls future?? More brushing horses, putting on saddles, riding horses, stopping horses, turning horses, trotting horses, weaving horses in and around barrels and non-stop smiling from beginning to end. Watch out rodeo . . . the Marsh girls are going cowboy!

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